One Product, One Backlog

I often have many ideas in different places that pertain to a specific product or project. This makes it hard to see all of your ideas as well as be able to prioritize which ones are the most important. I have found great value in  having one backlog to store all of these ideas.

I first learned of the concept of a backlog from studying the Scrum framework in product development.  In short, this is a one-stop shop for all of the ideas surrounding a product. This product could be your website, your house, a training video, a marketing campaign, etc.

Some of the key advantages to having a backlog include:

  • The ability to prioritize work more efficiently
  • Transparency and ease of having all ideas in one place
  • Collaboration around the product and ideas
  • Having a central repository for the work

There are many tools to help with creating a backlog. I recommend keeping it simple and using something such as a google sheet that you may share/edit when needed. Here is an example of a backlog for this website using google sheets.



What is your experience with a backlog? What do you do to keep your ideas organized?

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