Changing Requirements

Do you find that your requirements change during development?

The second principle of Agile states, “Welcome changing requirements, even late in
development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.”

This principle also emphasizes the importance of changing for the good of your customer. In Scrum, the backlog/requirements are based on maximizing value of the product for the customer.

I have found that changing requirements may be frustrating for a development team and there are things that may be tried to help with change including:

  • Ron Jeffries’ 3 C’s for requirements
  • Make the work transparent through a visual board
  • Have a Scrum Master to help with conversation around changing requirements and to provide a different perspective
  • Use Kanban to adapt to the customer’s changing priorities
  • Have a retrospective to discuss changing requirements and try implementing some action items to help the team be more agile
    • Through a retrospective you may find that the change is being caused by something else and may not be keeping the focus on the customer’s competitive advantage

What things have you or your organization tried to help with changing requirements?



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