Determining Priority and Value with Business Stakeholders

As a Product person, have you ever had difficulty prioritizing work and deciding which items hold the highest value? Try having a session with your respective business stakeholders prior to starting development to prioritize work based on business value. This means having stakeholders from groups such as marketing, operations, sales, etc. assign a point estimate … Read more Determining Priority and Value with Business Stakeholders


I see a lot of postings by organizations stating they are Agile/Scrum. The words are almost used interchangeably in many industries. What do these words mean? When I think of the word Agile for an organization, in simplest terms, I think of being able to move quickly. In terms of software, how quickly are they … Read more Agile/Scrum?

Adding Value

Do you ever get the feeling that the processes at your organization aren’t adding value? Most likely, many of them aren’t adding value in terms of a Lean mindset. A typical process is 95% non-value added (NVA) to 5% value added (VA). The Lean Electronic Health Record The good news is that by focusing on … Read more Adding Value

Impediments Backlog Over Change Management

Is change something that is under strict command and control at your organization? In Scrum, the concept of impediments ideally becomes a catalyst for change from the bottom up. I have seen organizations make change something that becomes very restrictive. In an Agile organization, being able to move quickly is critical to continuous improvement and … Read more Impediments Backlog Over Change Management

Customer Collaboration

Do you find that you are committing to deadlines knowing that they are unrealistic? Does your development team have a relationship with the customer? Is your customer directly involved in your process? The Agile Manifesto says. “customer collaboration over contract negotiation” To me this means involving your customer directly in your product development life-cycle. It … Read more Customer Collaboration

Learn Quickly

In the Scrum Framework, there are built in ceremonies to help the organization and team be agile and learn quickly. These include: daily scrum sprint planning sprint retrospective sprint review Each sprint has a goal and at the end of the sprint cycle, the team reflects on goal completion and what can be done to … Read more Learn Quickly

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