Circle of Influence

Sometimes I find myself worrying about things I can’t change. They are outside of my circle of influence. When leading an organization or team on their agile journey, focus on what is in your control and how you can influence others to be more agile. I first read about Circle of Influence in Stephen R. … Read more Circle of Influence

Impediments Backlog Over Change Management

Is change something that is under strict command and control at your organization? In Scrum, the concept of impediments ideally becomes a catalyst for change from the bottom up. I have seen organizations make change something that becomes very restrictive. In an Agile organization, being able to move quickly is critical to continuous improvement and … Read more Impediments Backlog Over Change Management

Customer Collaboration

Do you find that you are committing to deadlines knowing that they are unrealistic? Does your development team have a relationship with the customer? Is your customer directly involved in your process? The Agile Manifesto says. “customer collaboration over contract negotiation” I interpret this as involving your customer directly in your product development life-cycle. It … Read more Customer Collaboration

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