A Declaration for Organizational Agility

Our world is constantly changing and businesses are struggling to adapt. This is a declaration for organizations to support long term prosperity through agility, the ability to move quickly and easily: Decentralized organizational structures over traditional structures Cross functional teams over functional silos Servant leadership over command and control management Product focus over project focus … Read more A Declaration for Organizational Agility

Determining Priority and Value with Business Stakeholders

As a Product person, have you ever had difficulty prioritizing work and deciding which items hold the highest value? Try having a session with your respective business stakeholders prior to starting development to prioritize work based on business value. This means having stakeholders from groups such as marketing, operations, sales, etc. assign a point estimate … Read more Determining Priority and Value with Business Stakeholders


I see a lot of postings by organizations stating they are Agile/Scrum. The words are almost used interchangeably in many industries. What do these words mean? When I think of the word Agile for an organization, in simplest terms, I think of being able to move quickly and learn quickly. In terms of software, how … Read more Agile/Scrum?

Visualize Your Product through a Product Road Map

Does your company use product road maps for planning and growing the product toward the vision? Product road maps help build alignment among stakeholders and the product development teams. Here are some things I have found make up a valuable product road map: Focus on high level customer defined features being shipped over the next … Read more Visualize Your Product through a Product Road Map

Adding Value

Do you ever get the feeling that the processes at your organization aren’t adding value? Most likely, many of them aren’t adding value in terms of a Lean mindset. A typical process is 95% non-value added (NVA) to 5% value added (VA). The Lean Electronic Health Record The good news is that by focusing on … Read more Adding Value

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