Collaborating with User Experience

As a product owner, have you ever struggled in coming up with product designs or figuring out the right look and feel of the product?

I have found that collaborating with a team member, whose skill set is user experience (UX), greatly helps improve the above struggles and more. In being agile, I want to be able to move quickly and get customer feedback in a way that is simple.

Therefore, working with a UX team member to create a basic wire-frame to get in front of users has become highly valuable to me. Some advantages of doing this include:

  • Short time frame to complete
  • Gather qualitative data prior to starting development
  • Make more informed business decisions based on user interactions
  • Potential reduced cost of development efforts

Collaborating with a UX team member will ideally help guide the look and feel of the product. They may offer a perspective of better practices through user observation and personas. Through defining user personas, it really helps to force the thought process of understanding who the end user is and what they want.

Overall, collaborating with UX team members has been highly valuable as a product owner. Some of the tools that I have found helpful for UX collaboration include InVision and Balsamiq.

What have you learned through collaborating with UX team members? What ideas have worked for you in product design?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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